Château Jean Faure's Logo
A school of experiments,
without compromise

First of all discreetly, without a word spoken about the restructuring of the parcels, now certified organic and an important part in the production of a great wine.

The 2017 vintage is the first to bear this label.

Organic preparations, multi-purpose plant species, the use of natural herbal infusions and manual labor – everything is done in relation to the natural environment, including the changing seasons and the local fauna. The vineyard is carefully tended to, as if a sophisticated work of art.

The estate’s very own draught horses
Ecosystem of the vine
certified for its biodynamic practices

The teams at Château Jean Faure with conviction and pragmatism, drawing from traditional practices, the required resources to implement gentle and efficient sustainable vine-growing techniques.

In 2020, Château Jean Faure started its first year of conversion in biodynamic practices. The 2023 vintage will be certified by Biodyvin.

“Each year mother nature decides

and we adapt”.

Humility requires twice as much work on a daily basis: the treatments depend upon the humidity, the climate and the seasons. Plenty of vigilance and monitoring is required: it is necessary to react quickly and never let your guard down.

“We reinforce the plant’s natural defences, we work a lot early on in order to limit treatments.”

The use of preventive products, natural concoctions, the lunar calendar, disbudding, and green pruning are practices, helping the vine to defend itself. Their perfect interaction is fully expressed by this magical terroir.

“Products such as lime, compost tea, essential oils and orange peel to eliminate mildew are also natural recepies, reinforcing the plant’s immune defences.”