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Winemaking, entirely respecting the grapes

Everything is done each year to reveal the terroir of Château Jean Faure. Careful sorting and winemaking/maturing practices, fully respecting the grapes, allow the estate to produce highly aromatic wines with elegant tannins. Two important measures are implemented to ensure an accurate selection of the best fruit: handpicked harvesting in small crates and double sorting.

A vinification without sulfer

The grapes are maintained intact, manipulated with precaution and gently vinified. Natural winemaking procedures are implemented, without the use of yeast, and sulfur-free. The vatting period is drawn out, in view of also gently extracting the best aromas from the grapes.

The parcels are made separately into wine, in order to precisely reproduce the special features of their terroir. 

Practices ensuring freshness

Following malo-lactic fermentation, the wines display genuine aromatic complexity that must be preserved.

The wines are then matured in French oak barrels for 18 months, with a proportion of new oak (35%) and one-year-old barrels (30%). Part of the wine is aged in big containers (concrete vats for 20%, and casks for 15%). Maturing on fine lees conserves the aromatic freshness and bodes well for the wine’s fine potential.